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Thursday, March 2, 2017


Did you know according to Texas Education Code Sec. 28.025 (b-2):  

In adopting rules under Subsection (b-1), the State Board of Education shall provide for a student to comply with the curriculum requirements for an advanced English course under Subsection (b-1)(1) taken after successful completion of English I, English II, and English III, for an advanced mathematics course under Subsection (b-1)(2) taken after the successful completion of Algebra I and geometry, and for any advanced science course under Subsection (b-1)(3) by successfully completing a course in the appropriate content area that has been approved as an advanced course by board rule or that is offered as an advanced course for credit without board approval as provided by Section 28.002(g-1).

·         Should a student take English IV either before English III or concurrently with English III, the English IV course will count as an elective credit rather than an English credit.

·         Should a student take Algebra II either before geometry or concurrently with geometry the Algebra II course will count as an elective credit rather than a math credit.

·         Algebra II will still count towards the Distinguished Level of Achievement even if taken before or concurrently with geometry.

·         This change went into effect with HB 5.

·         There are currently bills which could revoke TEC 28.025 (b-2) and we are monitoring bills carefully in order to be aware of changes.

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