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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Texas Education Agency Updates
Mathematics Communications
Texas Education Agency
January 5, 2016
Foundation High School Program Rules
Proposed Amendments to 19 TAC Chapter 74, Curriculum Requirements, Subchapter B,
Graduation Requirements
Public Comment Period:  December 25, 2015 – January 23, 2016
Earliest Possible Date of Adoption:  January 2016 SBOE meeting
In November 2015, the State Board of Education approved for first reading and filing 
authorization proposed amendments to the Foundation High School Program graduation 
requirements in 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 74, Curriculum Requirements, 
Subchapter B, Graduation Requirements. The proposed amendments would update the rules 
and align with recent legislative changes. The SBOE is scheduled to consider the proposed 
amendments for second reading and final adoption at its January 2016 meeting.
The official public comment period for proposed amendments to graduation requirements for
the Foundation High School Program is now open. Please visit
Proposed_State_Board_of_Education_Rules/ to view the proposed amendments and submit 
public comments.
Proposed New Personal Financial Literacy Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills
Proposed New 19 TAC Chapter 113, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Social 
Studies, Subchapter C, High School, §113.49, Personal Financial Literacy 
 (One-Half Credit), Adopted 2016
Public Comment Period: December 25, 2015 – January 23, 2016
Earliest Possible Date of Adoption: January 2016 SBOE meeting
In November 2015, the State Board of Education approved for first reading and filing 
authorization proposed Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for a new Personal 
Financial Literacy course. If approved, the proposed new course would be available 
beginning in 2016-2017. The SBOE is scheduled to consider the proposed new 
Personal Financial Literacy TEKS for second 
reading and final adoption at its January 2016 meeting.
The official public comment period for the proposed Personal Financial Literacy TEKS is 
now open. Please visit
Proposed_State_Board_of_Education_Rules/ to view the proposed new TEKS and submit 
public comments.

New Resource – Vertical Alignment Chart Grade 3 – Statistics

A new Vertical Alignment Chart is currently available on the Gateway. This document does 
not supplant the other Vertical Alignment charts, but simply focuses on the probability and 
statistics standards for grades 3 – 8, Algebra I, Geometry, and Statistics. They are arranged
by the Statistics TEKS.

Texas SUCCESS – Think Through Math Update
Think Through Math (TTM) has been selected as the provider for Texas SUCCESS math 
resource for grades 3–5, grades 6–8, and Algebra I.
TTM is prepared to begin providing service once the contract is finalized. This contract will 
end on August 31, 2017. At this time, districts can begin planning for use of the selected 
program to provide accelerated instruction to students in grades 3–5, grades 6–8, and 
Algebra I. You can access additional information about the Texas SUCCESS Initiative with 
the link below.

New Resource – Supporting Information Documents

Supporting Information documents for grades K– 8 are currently available on the Gateway
 The documents are arranged by the TEKS and provide further explanations of the 
information that was included the Side-by-Side TEKS Comparison documents. These 
documents have replaced the Side-by-Side TEKS Comparison documents for grades K – 8, 
which have been removed from the Gateway.

ESTAR/MSTAR Winter Windows

The winter windows for the ESTAR/MSTAR Universal Screeners and Diagnostic 
 Assessments will open in early January. The dates for the ESTAR/MSTAR Universal 
Screener are January 11 – February 12, 2016. The Universal Screener assists 
teachers in determining if a student is at-risk for algebra readiness. 
The content in this screener does not cover all of the TEKS for the grade levels.
 The results of this screener should be used 
to guide instruction for whole class and interventions where appropriate.

The winter window dates for the ESTAR/MSTAR Diagnostic Assessments are 
January 18 – February 19, 2016. The Diagnostics Assessments are administered to 
students identified as being in need of additional support. They are designed to help
 teachers identify student misconceptions.

New Resource – Interactive Mathematics Glossary: the iPhone and iPad Apps

TEA’s Interactive Math Glossary is now available in the iTunes app store. The glossary is 
 designed to help teachers explore and understand mathematics vocabulary used in the 
grades K–8 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Each glossary term is displayed in a
 four-quadrant Frayer Model. Go to

 2016 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching
The 2015-2016 nomination and application windows for 
grade K-6 mathematics and science teachers for the Presidential 
Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching 
(PAEMST) program are open.The PAEMST awards are the nation's 
highest honors for teachers of mathematics and science.
Awardees serve as models for their colleagues, inspiration 
to their communities,and leaders in the improvement of mathematics 
and science education. Since 1983, more than 4,200 teachers have been 
recognized for their contributions in the classroom and to their profession.

Presidential Awardees receive a certificate signed by the President of the 
United States, a trip to Washington, D.C. to attend a series of recognition events 
and professional development opportunities, and a $10,000 award from the 
National Science Foundation. Awardees also join an active network of outstanding 
educators from throughout the nation.

Teachers must be signed up or nominated for the 2016 competition
by April 1, 2016. The application deadline is May 1, 2016.
If you know great teachers, encourage them to 
join this prestigious network of professionals. In Texas, 
eligible teachers who submit a completed application by 
May 1, 2016 will receive 20 CPE hours. Sign up to apply 
or nominate an educator at

For questions, contact Jo Ann Bilderback at or 512-463-9581.

As a courtesy to our readers the following additional Information has been included.

Research Science Institute

The Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
(MIT) co-sponsor the Research Science Institute (RSI) and are looking for talented 
11th grade Science Technology Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) students for a 
summer research program. Students can apply to the (RSI) program to be held on the
MIT campus June 26 – August 6, 2016. Participants will meet some of the world's most 
talented students and top scientists and have an opportunity to conduct research 
in exciting labs. The program is free to students except for travel to and from MIT. 
If you know a high school junior that may be interested in the program, take a 
look at the CEE website or RSI application materials, and more information 
about the program. Application information is available at 
Questions may be directed to Maite Ballestero, Executive Vice President, 
Programs & Administration,

Teacher Enrichment Program

The Teacher Enrichment Program (TEP) is the Center for Excellence 
in Education’s (CEE) program for middle and high school STEM teachers. 
TEP provides opportunities for rural and urban teachers to connect 
with experts from industry and academia to explore
cutting edge research and make meaningful professional links with 
direct benefits for themselves and their students.  All online resources and 
events are cost-free for all participants. TEP events are held in California, Florida,
Maryland, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. CEE 
invites interested teachers to visit the program website 
connect with scientists and engineers in their community through Bite of Science 
sessions and Teacher Roundtables and to explore a variety of online STEM resources.

Moody’s Mega Math Challenge

Moody’s Mega Math Challenge is an Internet-based applied math 
competition that awards scholarship prizes from $1,000 to $20,000 
to teams of high school juniors and seniors. The challenge takes place 
February 27 – 28, 2016. Students are required to solve an 
open-ended, realistic, math-modeling problem in 14 hours. 
Moody’s Mega Math 
Challenge is funded by the Moody Foundation and organized by 
the Society for Industrial and 
Applied Mathematics (SIAM). For more information, visit 

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